Will you review my product?

I’m more than happy to review products that are sent to me, so please feel free to get in contact so that we can work something out. Please be aware that all reviews featured on Standard Danders will reflect my honest opinion- I will not rave about a product that I don’t think cuts the mustard.

 I’m only a small business/just starting out, are you still happy to do a review for me?

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the founder of a multi-million enterprise or the owner of a shop on Etsy- if you think that I’ll love your product get in touch!

Do you only review a certain type of product?

I never want to limit myself to one particular genre when reviewing, so whatever the product is I will endeavour to review it.

If I send you something to review, can you send me the finished review before it goes online so that I can check it?

If you want to check the content before I post it, I will send it to you via email. Please note that this is only so that you can check product information and important details, not so that you can try and change my opinion.

Can I give suggestions about what I want to see on Standard Danders (such as features, challenges etc.)?

If there’s something you’d really like me to write about, tell me! As long as it’s legal, feasible, doesn’t involve loads of money and isn’t just you trying to take the mick, I can consider if it’s worth writing about and take it from there.

I have other questions that you haven’t put in this section!

Please go to the Contact page and use the information there to drop me a line. I don’t bite! 

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